Carol B shares her 30lbs down story

"I had a wonderful experience at InShapeMD Severna Park. I lost 30 pounds in just over 2 months. The Countdown Program was amazing at keeping hunger at bay. It was remarkably easy to stick to the eating plan. The staff was encouraging, and if you made a mistake, they helped you learn from it and did not make you feel ashamed or act disappointed in you. Their tips were very practical and "doable". I learned what foods my body is sensitive too, how to successfully manage hunger pangs with healthy alternatives, and how to "tighten up" if I splurged once in a while. I feel this was not only a good weight loss program, but a move toward a permanent, healthy lifestyle change. I am so thankful I fo...

Learn a little bit more about ISMD & HLF

Excited to have updated our website. Hope this short video helps you learn a little bit more :-)